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The Story of

Red Chaos

The Strict Order

After a total world war devastated the earth, a place called Green Land was spared from contamination and destruction.
As the lords of war became aware of the extent of the destruction, they agreed on a truce and discussed the establishment of a common world order.
Green Land was to be the site of the new world government.

There, they built a mighty fortress.

The fugitives who fled to the Green Land to make a fresh start were disappointed by the politicians who set up the new Iron Hand regime. Instead of building a just society, the powerful grew in power while the civilians were oppressed and neglected. This oppression and sense of abandonment led to great anger and dissatisfaction among the populace.
Amid this dissatisfaction, former generals, soldiers, and other rebellious citizens formed a resistance. Together they decided to fight the Iron Hand and free Green Land from the iron rule. Although their resources were limited, they used their military experience and skills to build a powerful army.
The Resistance sought to garner popular support and expose the Iron Hand’s grievances. They counted on recruiting more civilians to strengthen their ranks. At the same time, they had to be careful because the Iron Hand had a powerful city and significant resources.
The struggle between the Resistance and the Iron Hand was one of sacrifice, deception, and strategic choices. The people fought not only against the physical superiority of the Iron Hand, but also against the suppression of their ideals and values.

Red Chaos – The Game

With an exciting campaign and a big focus on multiplayer to 6 players, fun is guaranteed for everyone.

Gathering resources,

building bases,

and producing units are the core of the game.

The well thought-out balance system ensures equal opportunities.
The strengths and weaknesses of the various units promise tactical progress and offer enormous fun and excitement.

Whether offensive or defensive, in Red Chaos you can combine countless strategies to always be one step ahead of your enemy. Certain upgrades help you deepen your tactics to prove yourself on the battlefield.

Fight in the name of reunification on the side of the Empire or choose to join the Resistance and fight for your independence.

Classic RTS  !

Red Chaos is a classic and modern real time strategy game. 

Red Chaos offers a variety of strategic aspects based on the strengths and weaknesses of individual units and ensures continuous equality of opportunity through a sophisticated balancing system.

About Squarecut Games Studio!

We at Squarecut games have built a great team that works together to perfect our project.

Like many others, we, the members of Squarecut Games Studio, were shaped by the unprecedented rise of the video game industry and recognized the love for the RTS genre as early as the 90s, which has accompanied us to this day and encouraged us to develop RED CHAOS.


We hope you like it